GlucoMen Day CGM App

Real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

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One blood glucose data every minute

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direct on your

without pricking or scanning

14-day sensor life

The GlucoMen Day CGM Sensor is wearable and easy to apply and remove. The long-lasting electrochemical sensor measures the glucose levels for two weeks.


The Sensor wire can be inserted under the skin without any guide needle. The automatic sensor inserter is easy to use and handle, like a computer mouse. It can be used with only one hand.

wear it on your arm
wear it on your lower back
wear it on your abdomen
GlucoMen Day CGM Phone Alarms

notifications and custom alarms

The GlucoMen Day CGM app lets you set up alerts to let you know if an event that requires your attention is occurring, such as low or high glucose, falling or rising glucose and low or high projected glucose.

real-time cloud data sharing

GlucoMen Day CGM sends data in real-time direct to the GlucoLog web cloud platform, allowing the medical staff and caregivers to monitor glycemic trend with you at the same time.

GlucoLog Web devices


After five years of continuous use, the GlucoMen Day CGM system uses just two lithium batteries and about 3 kg of plastic, while competitor products use up to 120 lithium batteries and up to about 18 g of plastic.


Feel free to move with the GlucoMen Day CGM clock face for Fitbit. You can sync your Fitbit smartwatch with your GlucoMen Day CGM and read glucose values right from your wrist in real time.

take care
of your kids

With GlucoMen Day CGM, you can follow your loved ones remotely and in real time directly from your smartphone.

Thanks to the GlucoLog T3 app, you can easily monitor your childrens’ GlucoMen Day CGM in real time.

GlucoMen Day CGM pediatric


SocialDiabetes integrates a practical glycemic diary with statistical data processing and graphs, helping you to better manage your diabetes and visually monitor your progress.

Thanks to cloud data sharing, the SocialDiabetes app automatically receives the blood glucose values detected by GlucoMen Day CGM in real time, updated every minute.

for people with diabetes

GlucoMen Day CGM is approved for substitute use of the traditional blood glucose meter.

GlucoMen Day CGM is also suitable for:

Technical Specifications

GlucoMen Day CGM

Needle free Inserter

The automatic inserter allows quick and painless insertion of the sensor compared to traditional cannula needle insertion.

cannula needle insertion

needle-free application