diabetes care management systems

Real-time Continuous
Glucose Monitoring System

GlucoMen Day CGM is a subcutaneous Continuous Glucose Monitoring system that measures your blood glucose level in real time. You can monitor your data without prick or scan directly on your smartphone.

GlucoMen Day CGM
GlucoMen Day CGM wearable

Glucoject Pen Needles are sterile, single-use pen needles intended for use with pen injector devices for the subcutaneous injection of drugs.

Glucoject Lancets PLUS 33G are suitable for taking finger stick capillary blood samples in both adults and children.


GlucoLog web is an online software available from any web browser and connected device, without the need of installation. With GlucoLog web you can store and analyze all the data received from A.Menarini Diagnostics systems.

Menarini provides a wide and updated set of applications, designed to improve diabetes management in everyday life.


Needle free Inserter

The automatic inserter allows quick and painless insertion of the sensor compared to traditional cannula needle insertion.

cannula needle insertion

needle-free application