GlucoMen Day CGM Sensor

The electrochemical Sensor measures the glucose level present in interstitial fluid for 14 days. Data are stored in the Transmitter and automatically sent via Bluetooth to the dedicated App, which displays a new real-time glucose value every minute.

on the skin

The extended patch surface and the low glue concentration minimize the chances of erythema and skin sensitization.

Adherence with skin is well distributed to avoid involuntary movements and to better withstand shocks.

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Sensor Insertion Pain Assessment

Pain perception distribution over a pain scale of 0-20, comparing the GlucoMen Day CGM Sensor insertion vs a finger prick (1).

Pain from a GlucoMen Day CGM Sensor insertion has been reported to be on average 1.3 over a pain scale of 0-20. For comparison, finger pricking had an average score of 4.9.

(1) GlucoMen Day CGM Technical File, CEVAL Study.

Skin Irritation Assessment

Results of skin irritation assessment after Sensor removal (1).

During the clinical trials, no adverse events (Draize score ≥4) involving erythema and edema occurred at the insertion site or under the adhesive. (1) 

(1) GlucoMen Day CGM Technical File, CEVAL Study.

and small


sensor patch

The GlucoMen Day CGM Sensor consists of a rechargeable transmitter and sensor patch.

The GlucoMen Day CGM Sensor weighs only 25 g and is only 7 mm thick.

Needle free Inserter

The automatic inserter allows quick and painless insertion of the sensor compared to traditional cannula needle insertion.

cannula needle insertion

needle-free application