Cloud Software and Apps for Diabetes Management

Diabetes management cloud platform

An integrated set of apps for your diabetes management

GlucoMen provides a continuously evolving, integrated system of apps and digital services able to meet the needs of those living with diabetes and their caregivers.

The integration of dedicated clinical and health tools with commonly used platforms makes diabetes management simply accessible to all.

GlucoMen Day CGM

The GlucoMen Day CGM app is where you can see your GlucoMen Day Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) data.


GlucoLog Lite

A diary app compatible with GlucoMen Areo 2k and GlucoMen Day PENCAP

GlucoLog RapidCalc

GlucoLog RapidCalc is an insulin bolus dose calculator.

GlucoLog T3

The GlucoLog T3 app allows caregivers to remotely follow GlucoMen Day CGM Data from a seperate smartphone or device.

partner apps

GlucoMen Day CGM Fitbit

This clock face allows data from the GlucoMen Day CGM Continuous Glucose Monitoring system to be remotely displayed on your Fitbit.