Your insulin pen can do more with a GlucoMen Day PENCAP clipped on

Save and share your insulin data

GlucoMen Day PENCAP provides insulin pen users with a timer that counts up from the last injection.

With GlucoMen Day PENCAP, you can easily:

Compatible with most insulin pens

GlucoMen Day PENCAP has a unique design to properly fit and correctly operate on your chosen brand of pen.

You can easily clip your GlucoMen Day PENCAP onto your insulin pen thanks to the dedicated mounting mechanism.

Check out the list of supported insulin pens:

  • FlexPen®, NovoPen® 5, NovoPen® 4 and ECHO® by Novo Nordisk
  • SoloSTAR® by Sanofi
  • KwikPen® by Lilly

Easily connected

GlucoMen Day PENCAP transfers data to the GlucoLog Lite app using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Integrated with diabetes management platforms

With GlucoMen Day PENCAP, you can send data to the Glucolog web cloud platform and other mainstream diabetes management platforms. 

Technical Specifications

GlucoMen Day PENCAP