GlucoLog RapidCalc

The GlucoLog RapidCalc app is a CE marked bolus insulin dose calculator.1

With intelligent tracking of insulin on board and blood glucose target selection, GlucoLog RapidCalc simplifies blood glucose management.

Complete with detailed history, graphs and statistics features, GlucoLog RapidCalc is designed to be easy to use and easy to live with.2

1. GlucoLog RapidCalc is intended for 18+ years old diabetic patients on basal-bolus insulin therapy. The app is not intended to replace the assistance provided by healthcare professionals.

2. The GlucoLog RapidCalc app is a medical device. Before using the app, to learn about warnings, precautions and contraindications, please read carefully the manual available at:

GlucoLog RapidCal App screen

Connected wirelessly with the GlucoMen Meters

3. GlucoFix Tech GK, GlucoMen Areo GK, GlucoMen Areo, GlucoMen Areo 2K, GlucoFix Tech.

GlucoLog RapidCalc App

Customise GlucoLog RapidCalc according to your needs.

Manufacturer: Zucchetti Centro Sistemi – Via Lungarno 305/a – 52028 Terranuova Bracciolini – Arezzo, Italy

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GlucoLog RapidCalc