GlucoMen Day CGM App

Actual Real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring that doesn’t cost the Earth

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Value Every Minute

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Direct to your smartphone with actual real-time data

For better treatment decisions and hypo/hyper avoidance

14 Day Sensor Life

The GlucoMen Day CGM Sensor is easy to apply and remove, replace every two weeks on a day that’s convenient for you.


Insertion is completely needle-free for a reduced risk of pain or bleeding

Wear it
on your

lower back

Customisable Alerts

Personalise your range and get notifications when you want them.

Stay Connected

Share your real-time data with an HCP or family member, anytime, anywhere

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In 5 years of continuous use, the GlucoMen Day CGM system uses just two lithium batteries and about 1 kg of plastic, while other products use up to 120 lithium batteries and up to about 15kg of plastic.

Fitbit® Smartwatch

Sync your Fitbit® smartwatch with your GlucoMen Day CGM and read glucose values from your wrist in real time.

Follow your loved ones remotely

With GlucoMen Day CGM, you can follow your loved ones remotely and in real time directly from your smartphone.

Thanks to the GlucoLog T3 app, you can easily monitor your loved one’s GlucoMen Day CGM data in real time, and set independent alerts.

GlucoMen Day CGM pediatric

For people living with diabetes

GlucoMen Day CGM is licensed for use in a wide range of people, including:

Technical Specifications

GlucoMen Day CGM