GlucoMen Day PUMP App controlled
GlucoMen Day Patch Pump

no more multiple daily injections

GlucoMen Day PUMP is a smart insulin infusion patch pump for diabetes management.


GlucoMen Day PUMP can be placed on different parts of the body to allow greater flexibility of use and comfort according to your needs and habits.


All the freedom of movement you want without belts, fanny packs or pockets, and no worrying about twisted or ripping tubes.


You can easily control your GlucoMen Day PUMP directly from your smartphone thanks to the dedicated app, freely available for both iOS and Android devices. *

* If necessary, a dedicated controller device (ADM, Advanced Diabetes Manager) is also available.

basal and bolus control

With the GlucoMen Day PUMP, you can control your blood glucose with customizable insulin delivery, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going.

3.5 days of use

Thanks to the high capacity reservoir (200 U of insulin), it is possible to change GlucoMen Day PUMP up to just twice a week, on fixed days for a more regular use.
GlucoMen Day PUMP - Patch Pump


Don’t worry about your GlucoMen Day PUMP: it can go with you anywhere, even underwater.

and light

The GlucoMen Day PUMP is small, so you can discreetly wear it under your clothes and move around freely, thanks to the rounded shape that minimizes the chance of it getting caught in clothing.

GlucoMen Day Patch Pump

save and share your insulin delivery history

With GlucoMen Day PUMP you can upload automatically your insulin data to GlucoLog web cloud platform and analyze blood glucose trends accordingly with GlucoMen Day CGM real-time readings.

Technical Specifications

GlucoMen Day PUMP

GlucoMen Day Patch Pump

GlucoMen Day PUMP is available in:

GlucoMen Day PUMP is not available for sale in France, Germany and the UK.

GlucoMen Day PUMP insertion sites

  • Abdomen
  • Arm
  • Thigh
  • Hip & lower back

Needle free Inserter

The automatic inserter allows quick and painless insertion of the sensor compared to traditional cannula needle insertion.

cannula needle insertion

needle-free application