GlucoMen Areo 2K

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Most frequent questions and answers about GlucoMen Areo 2K system

Yes, the meter turns off automatically after two minutes of nonuse. To turn off the meter manually, press the power button for about three seconds until the display is completely off, then release the button.

No, it is not possible to delete results saved on the GlucoMen Areo 2k.

Always store the strips in suitable environments, where the temperature and humidity are within parameters outlined by packaging and in the product user manual. Do not leave the bottle in places where there is a risk of excessive heat, cold or humidity (for example in the kitchen, bathroom, under a window exposed to direct sunlight or in the glove box of a car).
Do not leave the strip vial open, be sure to close it properly immediately after removing any strip required for testing. Always keep the strips in their original vial. Do not store the strips inside other unsuitable containers (bags, sacks, suitcases, etc.) and avoid pouring them into other strip vials even of the same brand and type.

The serial number (SN) is located on the back of the GlucoMen Areo 2k glucose meter and on the product packaging label.

The lot number (LOT) can be found on the bottle and on the label of the test strip packaging (both for blood glucose and ketone strips).

If you have encountered a problem while using the GlucoMen Areo 2k, consult the “troubleshooting” section of the user manual.

If the problem persists, contact our Customer Service team on 0800 243667.

Open the cover of the battery compartment on the back of the meter; remove the batteries and replace them with new ones (CR2032), placing the + side facing outwards; replace the lid.

After replacing the batteries, the time, date, beeps and markers must be reset.

No, when you change the batteries , the device will retain the test result data. However, you will need to reset the time, date, beeps and markers.

The control solutions for the GlucoMen Areo 2k system are distributed separately. To check the availability of control solutions, contact your pharmacist or doctor, or ask our Customer Service team.