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Diabetes Care Management Systems


Glucose Monitoring

Smart Insulin 


Glucose & Ketone 


Actual real time continuous
glucose monitoring system

GlucoMen Day CGM is a subcutaneous Continuous Glucose Monitoring system that measures your glucose level in real time. Allowing you to monitor your data for better hypo/hyper avoidance.

GlucoMen Day CGM App

Smart insulin pencap

GlucoMen Day PENCAP is a smart device that automatically records insulin injection events and sends them via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Glucose & Ketone Meters

Diabetes management cloud platform

GlucoLog web is an online software available from any web browser or connected device, without the need to install. With GlucoLog web you can store and analyse all the data received from A.Menarini Diagnostics systems.

An integrated set of apps for your diabetes management

GlucoMen Day provides a wide and updated set of applications, designed to improve diabetes management in everyday life.

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