Discover the new GlucoLog T3

January 10, 2021

Follow from remote your loved ones

GlucoLog T3: the dedicated app for GlucoMen® Day CGM system remote control. With this app you can follow from remote your loved ones which are monitoring their glycaemia by means of GlucoMen® Day CGM system.

GlucoLog T3 allows to:

– see on your own phone, everywhere you are, in about real-time, the full glycaemic profile of the followed GlucoMen® Day CGM device, allowing you to control the current glucose management of your loved ones;
– set alarms (glucose thresholds, glucose rate of change, predictive) independently from those set on the followed GlucoMen® Day CGM device.

All results and trends can be organized and displayed in the form of a graph in which any values ​​out of range (hyper or hypoglycemia) will be highlighted with a different color.

The app can be customized to meet the user’s needs thanks to a very simple configuration utility.

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